In Hawaii, people love to be outside. So, how would you like to add a new living room to your yard? It might be easier than you think.

With a Japanese port, you can create a cozy cabana by the pool or a big ohana party dome. Your family, friends and belongings will be protected from the elements. The party is happening – rain or shine. Cutting the heat, the roof panels will keep everyone cool, while shedding a beautiful light.


Japanese canopies are made of corrosion-resistant aluminum metal to stand up to wind and rain. The roof panels are made of polycarbonate (lexan), a high-tech material that has many uses, from airplane windows to eyeglasses (you’ll even find Polycarbonate Sheets on things like roofs and garden greenhouses). Most importantly, these covers have been developed in Japan for more than 40 years, and have no equal when it comes to engineering and quality standards.

Accept no substitutes

Beware of inferior products that might look similar, but with no engineering, these copycat products are a big risk. Only genuine Japanese structures have been tested here in Hawaii. Shop drawings, detailed instructions and structural calculations are all available for any unit.

Kunkel Works has been importing aluminum outdoor products directly from Japan for over a decade, and is the Hawaii distributor for Sankyo Tateyama Inc. (based in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture, Japan). Kunkel Works’ orders are placed every three months. When the container arrives, products are delivered to the site. Installations are done by independent contractors. Kunkel Works supervises the jobs until completion.

See projects in Hawaii


Visit to see the company’s genuine Japanese canopies, carports, gates and fences. The site features local projects and more info from the Japanese manufacturer’s catalog. If you would like to get an estimate for your specific situation, call Kunkel Works at 955-8211.

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