Last weekend’s Building Industry Association of Hawaii (BIA-Hawaii) Home Building & Remodeling Show brought in thousands of folks interested in the many products offered in the local community, and those who are planning for their new home construction and remodeling projects this year.

Among the more than 250 vendors, Hawaii Energy Connection (HEC) — the company well known as KumuKit™ and for its solar electricity and solar hot water systems — was there and conducted two very informative seminars titled, “How to Maximize Your Savings Under the New HECO Programs,” a subject which interested many who were shopping for photovoltaic (PV) systems.


HEC has installed more than 8,000 residential and commercial PV systems in Hawaii. Among the company’s more efficient installations are its complete battery-ready solar PV systems called KumuKit Powerblocks™ with its top-tier panels, superior micro-inverters and the exclusive, highly-innovative Energy Management Controller (EMC), which its sophistication is unlike any other in the market today. The local company also is the mastermind behind this battery and storage technology, and has surpassed the big mainland and international companies.

It is notable that HEC has been actively involved in the forefront of the interconnection programs and policies, and are very knowledgeable and current on all the incentives, so you can be assured you are getting the maximum benefits. The company has installed more than a hundred KumuKit™ systems with battery storage under the Customer Grid Supply (CGS) and Customer Self Supply (CSS) programs here in the state and these systems are designed to be simple, monitored and controlled by you.

Within the next few months, there will be two new solar tariffs being introduced to connect a residential rooftop PV system: Customer Grid Supply PLUS (CGS+) and Smart Export. Similar to the popular CGS tariff, which reached its capacity limit in November 2017, homeowners will still be able to receive solar credits for excess electricity they generate with their PV system and send back to the grid under this upcoming version of CGS.


If saving money on your electric bill is one of your resolutions this year, you should consider getting solar for your home or business, although, please keep in mind when shopping for solar that knowing the right PV system size for your needs should be highly considered. With the changes to solar interconnection policies, it is more important than ever.

Purchasing an oversized system can cost you thousands of dollars for extra panels and battery storage capacity. Taking into consideration your unique situation, tax credit appetite, roof space, budget and electricity usage, HEC will use its exclusive Right-Sizer™ tool to design a customized solution with “good, better and best” options that balance the cost of the system and the amount of savings you’ll enjoy. Remember, the still available state and federal tax credits (up to 65 percent) and financing options available make it easy to own, too.

You may have already applied or submitted an application for a PV system under the regular CGS program. However, the complete application process, reviews and lengthy wait may have discouraged you from getting your system installed or you have missed the tariff since it has ceased. Perhaps you already received your approval for your PV interconnection under the CGS tariff, but then are unable to contact the contractor who you originally submitted your application with or they are no longer in business. Or, if you’ve been shopping around for a system, you still haven’t made up your mind. Would you like to get a head start into the new CGS+ program?


If you can relate to any of the above, why not get a free, no-pressure, no-obligation quote from the experts at HEC. There are quite a few choices out there on types of systems, so let the company help you on what would be ideal for your home and needs. HEC has the right plan for you.

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