Graham Builders has been designing and building quality, well-constructed homes for nearly 30 years. From the beginning, owner Danny Graham was well aware of the local custom where extended families live together under one roof. He also knew that most of the island’s homes were not designed and constructed to accommodate three generations on one residential footprint.

Early on, Graham and his team at Graham Builders embraced multigenerational design and quality building practices, constructing homes that were accessible, efficient, beautiful and structurally sound and sturdy enough to last a lifetime. Soon, Graham Builders became known as the local leader in multigenerational build and design.


While many clients choose to renovate portions of their home to accommodate an aging parent or relative, Graham Builders also leads in multi-generation new construction. Recently, a Honolulu homeowner hired Graham Builders to design and build a new structure with room for three generations in an existing neighborhood. The challenge: create the home so it blended in with the common architectural themes of the surrounding homes, without disrupting the neighborhood.

Graham Builders built a modern and stylish 2,900-square-foot, two-story, five-bedroom, three-bathroom home with an attached two-car garage for the local family. The homeowner worked with the Graham Builders team in every part of the design and build process, and was pleasantly surprised when the finished home was completed staying within his prescribed budget.

“The project was on budget and this is due to the effort spent during design, making timely decisions as a team, and not changing design concepts or material selections during midstream of design or construction efforts,” said the homeowner.


“The main living space of the home allows for small settings in either the living room, dining room or kitchen areas, but is designed to have an open feeling across the three areas to entertain a large group without being claustrophobic,” said the homeowner. “The loft ceilings also provide more space.”

Are you curious about the design and build process or building a quality home that stands up to the test of time? Graham Builders also hosts free, monthly educational seminars on multigenerational building and design. You are invited to join the company at its upcoming Building Your Home

For Life seminar on Saturday, Feb. 3 from 9 to 11 a.m. at the Honolulu Country Club. Educate yourself about the design and build process by registering today at Graham or call 593-2808 to reserve your spot.

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