What is the first thing you would recommend I do if I want more positive energy in my home? I need clarity on where to start.

In feng shui, the entrance is a vital key to bringing positive energy flow into your home. It is considered the “mouth” of the property from which life force enters.

Basic entrance feng shui


According to basic feng shui, an entrance should be inviting, attractive, comfortable and unobstructed. Have a welcome mat and portray life force in the form of color or plants. Items that block energy flow and create obstacles, such as shoes and dead plants, should be removed.

Having your address in plain view also is important. Having your name and address in multiple locations is favorable — on the building, the door, the mailbox, etc. The easier it is to find your home, the better job you are doing to direct the flow of energy to your entrance.

All of these are basic “entrance rules” and can be found in any simple feng shui book. However, I’d like to go one step further and explain why, symbolically and energetically, it is so important to pay attention to our entrances.

It marks a threshold

The entrance of a property (the entrance is considered the architectural front door versus the garage-door entrance) denotes the threshold between the outer world and the inner world. It marks the transition from what’s considered public to what’s private and unknown. Making the entrance comfor table eases the subtle, yet very real discomfor t in transition on a subconscious level.


Entryways that are stark and empty create discomfort. Mystery at the entrance does not invite positive inward energy flow. The items and furnishings you place at the entrance need to create a link to the people within in order to establish comfort and familiarity. By taking steps to do so, you will “entrance” the energy to more easily cross the threshold.

Create an identity

Since an entrance is the first clue a visitor has of what lies beyond the door, it is important to create a clearly defined identity. You can do this by using items that hint about the personality and uniqueness of those living within. It can be a distinctive welcome plaque, a unique fixture, blooming plants or friendly figurines of items that represent you or your family — be creative!

Supportive entryway

Use hip-height items around the entryway to offer stable energetic support. Why? Because hip-high items energetically represent “cane” energy — what people use when they are unsteady on their feet to support them as they move from one location to another. Items and furnishings at hip height promote stability and offer a subtle sense of safety. Entranceways that have the feeling of support are less stressful to cross.

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