By Maggie Kunkel

When I started to sell Japanese aluminum carports, patio covers, gates and fences, the first thing I had to learn was that the law in Hawaii requires that homeowners have direct access and pay the contractor directly (not through a middleman). Because I am not a contractor, I had to figure out how to help my customers find reliable installers.

Most customers do not have a trusted contractor and would like to use an installer that is familiar with the alu-


minum profile products from Japan. I cannot install the units, but I can make sure that they get installed properly and that my customers are satisfied. Over the years I have seen many installers come and go. Every one of them loved working with the product, but only a few lived up to my standards (I am from Germany and very picky).

We want reliable, pleasant, meticulous and highly skilled professionals

After several excellent workmen in varying degrees, I thanked my lucky stars that I was introduced to Edi Arellano (pictured above) about 8 years ago.

Arellano gets unsolicited praise from my customers regularly. He is courteous and gets the job done perfectly. There is no music blasting and the site is tidy every pau hana (after work). Most of all, Arellano has made sure the best solution prevailed. This year he was joined by his brother Rod, who as it turns out, has been cut from the same cloth.


When customers use their own contractor or want to install it themselves, Kunkel Works supports them with technical details — shop drawings or installation manuals — and is available to assist when practical questions arise, such as, “Is the striker reversible?”

See installations here in Hawaii

Visit to see genuine Japanese canopies, gates and fences available at Kunkel Works. The site features local projects and more information from the Japanese manufacturer’s catalog. If you would like to get an estimate for your specific situation, give Kunkel Works a call at 955-8211.

Maggie Kunkel is the owner of Kunkel Works.

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