As Shirley Pai Hilton of Kahala Pacific Floors will tell you, one of the best places in the home for wood flooring is your staircase.

The wear and tear that carpeting on the stairs takes is amazing. When you stop to think about it, you have a large concentration of traffic on a small area, and the next time you take the stairs, pause to feel just how much hoisting your body weight and pressure on your joints there is as you go up them. Also, contrary to what some folks think, having a hard surface on your stairs does not present a hazardous situation. Most accidents on stairs are caused by rushing, tripping on something on the stairs, or running up and down with socks on.


The main advantages that wood or vinyl on stairs give you are durability and ease of maintenance. Even after many years of daily use, a well-done set of stairs will look as beautiful as the day it was put in. And if you have ever had a carpeted set of stairs, you know how much trouble vacuuming can be. With wood or vinyl, all you will need is a good cleaner and a microfiber rag. Each step will be clean in a matter of seconds.

There are two main methods for doing stairs. One involves using a molding on the front edge of the step called a stair nosing. This piece is coupled with flooring for the balance of the tread and up the riser, with some folks opting for a white riser made of melamine covered board or finish quality plywood. The other method involves using a stair tread which consists of one big piece of wood with a rounded edge, which will be placed over the entire tread or flat area. This is coupled with a one-piece riser in the same wood or, again, sometimes in white.

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