By Rachel Deliz

Some say that Japanese carports, patio covers, gates and fences are unnecessary luxuries. However, when I lived in Hawaii, I personally appreciated the fact that I could secure my own home on the outside perimeter. This allowed me to leave the windows open all day and night to circulate the fresh air throughout the house without the fear of being surprised by an intruder.

Here are some other proven facts and testimonials based on local experiences to set the record straight:

What a Japanese carport can do for you

• Customers Paul and Joanne decided to convert their garage. Now, their cars are protected under a new carport, the kids have a new playroom, and Paul can enjoy a quiet living room.


• Since customer Bob covered his car with a good-looking Japanese carport, he no longer suffers from the heat every time he steps into his vehicle. No more burning his fingers on the steering wheel and his bottom on the leather seat. He won’t miss the tree sap and ugly bird poop, which is no longer getting on his car’s beautiful paint job.

Security matters

• Customers Al and Nancy decided to secure their property with a driveway gate, so their two pit bulls could patrol the premises 24/7. They won’t miss the dogs getting loose on their own and scaring the neighborhood.

• Customer Reny from Kapahulu shared she enjoys being able to let her dog out late at night to use the bathroom in the yard. Now that it is fenced in, she does not have to take him around the block every time.

Whether you opt for a carport, patio cover, gate, fence or a combination of it all, Kunkel Works’ products provide extra space for your family, friends and home projects with authentic Japanese products to last a lifetime.

Who doesn’t need more space?


Entry covers keep shoes from getting wet in front of your door, and keep you dry while bringing in the groceries. A covered lanai gives you the opportunity to host the whole family for Christmas or have that extra space for out-of-town guests. Most of all, it gets you out of the house to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, even when it’s hot or rainy. It’s like getting an extra room without having to move — and so many things can happen there, like homework or that art project you have been planning. Watching the lawn furniture fade in the sun will be a thing of the past.

Beware: Chinese knock offs are still around

Cheap Chinese replicas are still being peddled in the Islands. Even though the original outfit has filed for bankruptcy and left the state after collecting profits, there still are inferior and dangerous products out there that advertise as “Japanese style.”

Get ideas on improving your home

Visit to see genuine Japanese canopies, gates and fences. The site features local projects and more info from the Japanese manufacturer’s catalog. If you would like to get an estimate for your specific situation, give Kunkel Works a call at 955-8211.

Rachel Deliz is a freelance writer and former employee of Kunkel Works.

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