Only after Traci Morita moved into her Hawaii Kai home did she realize that the air conditioner needed to run for hours before the home was as cool as it was when she visited it with her Realtor. Morita’s experience isn’t uncommon. Although the home was in good condition, in a desirable neighborhood, and large enough for her growing family, it was failing in terms of home performance.

What is home performance? It’s how well your home performs on factors that affect your enjoyment of it: safety, health, comfort, durability and efficiency. As Morita found out, the cost of running the A/C worked against efficiency and made financial comfort unsustainable.

“Then we got a new roof — an Energy Star one with solar refl ective shingles. I’d say it’s about 10 degrees cooler in the house from the roof alone,” said Morita.

“Most homeowners only think about their roof if it’s leaking,” said RevoluSun chief innovation officer Eric Carlson. “But roofs have a huge impact on how much you enjoy your home.”

He explained how a roof affects all five factors of home performance: “knowing that your roof was built well and made to withstand hurricane force winds gives you peace of mind; ridge vents make the home less hospitable to mold by letting hot air and moisture escape; indoors are cooler, more comfortable, and cost less to maintain when shingles reflect light and heat from the surface of your roof.”


“Living in a hot house was not pleasant,” said Morita.

“I’m so glad we re-roofed.”

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