HPS Construction now offers quality, affordable and state licensed handyman (LHM) services along with its pioneering, cost-effective kitchen and bath upgrades, small to medium size remodeling and additions, and its well known, one-day hurricane protection (hurricane clips).

HPS president and general manager, Gerry Peters, stressed that it is important to be familiar and vigilant with Hawaii state laws regarding handyman work that were established by the state to protect consumers.

First off, state law requires a contractor’s license for handyman work exceeding $1,000. This “buyer beware” law has the correct presumption that bigger jobs require more expertise as well as legal and financial solidity, which licensed contractors must have in order to be licensed.


The state legislature and Regulated Industries Complaint Office (RICO) have broadened this law to a Class B or C Felony for those who willfully evade the unlicensed contractor law. This is due to recent financial and poor-quality work scams, mostly geared towards seniors.

Peters advised to not be misled by someone that may advertise that they are licensed but may only be referring to a driver’s license or a General Excise (GE) Tax License. They may show you a business card with a licensed contractor’s name and number, yet have you pay them instead of the contractor, especially in cash, often leaving customers ripped off with no way to track down the scammer.

Be mindful of handyman workers that may separate the labor and materials (i.e. $999 labor and then the amount of materials); or separate the work into different rooms or areas of the home; or offer to not include state GE tax if you pay in cash.

Peters, urges to always get the proposed scope of work, cost, payment terms, and the person’s true identity in writing.


HPS Construction’s LHM services include termite and water damage for wood — inside and out, particularly for repairing or rebuilding exterior decks and stairs; repairing damaged drywall, as well as concrete cracks and spalling (or flaking off concrete) for CMU masonry; tile block interior and exterior walls including tile block columns such as on carports, retaining walls, concrete decks and steps; cracking concrete walkways and lanai patio decks; water-proofi ng; some painting; and much more.

Minor plumbing and electrical removal and replacements are also offered. Remember, for both handyman and contracting work, licensed plumbing and electrical contractors are a mandatory necessity in many instances, such as in high-rise condos.

Peters said Hawaii clients trying to save a buck could end up penny-wise and dollar-foolish when their insurance company refuses to pay for damaged condos that may have been affected by unfortunate events such as flooding or fire.

Peters is also the content producer and on-air co-host of Fix It Fridays, a live call-in home improvement and repair radio program on “The Mike Buck Show,” on Salem Network’s AM KHNR690, Fridays 8-9 a.m. HPS Construction is also a top rated member of Better Business Bureau Hawaii, Building Industry Association of Hawaii and more.


For information about the company, and also its special holiday deals, call 847-4400, see the website hpsconstruc tionservices.com, or email hpp@aloha.net or gerry@ hpsconstructionservices. com.

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