As you strive for a happy holiday, do all your gift ideas seem ho-hum at best? It’s a common holiday conundrum: You want to show all your friends and family that you care, but finding the right present seems impossible. If you feel stuck, look for gifts that will enhance the home, because there is truly something for every personality. Skip the candle and coaster set, and instead, check out these unique, personal items that add fun and flair to any home, big or small.

Aquariums. Traditional rectangular aquariums are bulky and cumbersome, but now there are stunning new tabletop options perfect for everyone on your list. The biOrb TUBE 15 aquarium is designed to give a 360-degree view and features multi-color LED lighting with remote control for an eye-catching way to enjoy fish-keeping. The TUBE 15 is also a low-maintenance gift given its five-step filtration that maintains a clean, healthy aquatic environment to achieve ideal pH balance. Enjoy the dazzling sight of bubbling water and an impressive light show all year long.

Decorative pillows and throws. Winter is the perfect time to cozy up at home, but that tattered old blanket just won’t do. You can encourage friends and family to get some much-needed R&R by gifting them new pillows and a fluffy throw blanket. Make the most of this gift-giving opportunity by designing your own blanket that you can customize with truly special memories that you have made with your loved one. This could be a perfect idea for a blanket. Fun pillows are available in unique designs that feature different pictures, words or phrases, so it’s easy to find something just right for that someone special. Add a coordinating throw blanket and get ready to cuddle through the chilliest of nights.

Restored photographs. Going for tears of joy? One home decor gift that will tug at the heart-strings is framed photography. A nice portrait is always a great gift option, but this year surprise your loved ones by finding old photography and getting it restored. That photo of Grandpa fishing or of all your aunts as children is sure to bring back memories.

Place in a nice frame and it is guaranteed to be an un-forgettable gift that will be proudly displayed for years to come.

Personalized signs.

One of the year’s most popular decorating trends is custom signage. Often made from wood, these signs are painted or carved with your preferred message. That means it can be customized to suit even the most difficult people to shop for. Popular verbiage on a custom sign includes the family surname with an “established” date.


You could also include a literary phrase or personal mantra that your loved one enjoys. Why not try one of these animal neon signs for a friend who loves bright colors? Because the message is personalized, you can make it perfect for everyone on your list.

Himalayan-salt lamps.

The soft glow of salt lamps brings a warmth to rooms on the dreariest days. Made from large pieces of salt, these lamps have an almost rock-like quality with veins of white, pink and peach throughout. Some people claim they also help maintain good indoor air quality. No matter what, they are a happy addition to any room: bedroom, office or living room.

Home decor gifts are great for everyone on your holiday gift list: The person who has everything? Check. The hard-to-shop-for teen? Check. The newlywed couple settling into their home? Check. And best yet, home decor gifts won’t be like anything else your loved ones receive, making your gift memorable and truly cherished.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.