Replacement windows add value to any home, allowing it to operate more efficiently and making it look years younger at the same time. High-quality replacements are sure to give any home a modern facelift, and that’s the specific reason why customer Matt Kennedy was in the market for new windows.

“I recently moved into a house and wanted to upgrade it,” he said. “The house had a few jalousies, and I don’t care for jalousies. I was looking for new windows as an upgrade for the house.”


Kennedy knew there were different window companies on Oahu that he could order from. But, after a visit from Windows Hawaii general manager Mario Garcia — who brought visual displays to accompany his explanation — Kennedy knew he found the right company.

“I told him, ‘Let’s move forward if you’ll give me a good price,'” Kennedy recalled. “I ordered the high-quality Alii Extreme windows. You really get what you pay for — it’s a quality window and it comes with a great warranty.”

“We have a limited lifetime warranty on all of our products and services,” Garcia confirmed. “Our complete warranty information is discussed with prospective buyers at the time of presentation and is sent to them after the product installation has been completed. We were the first local company to offer a lifetime installation warranty on our products since 2007.”


Because Windows Hawaii is a local company that has been serving Oahu residents for 10 years, Kennedy knew he could easily contact the business if he had problems with his windows in the future.

“Because they have an actual office on the island, I felt pretty secure,” Kennedy stated. “If there were any future issues, I knew I could get service on anything.”

From the ordering process to the window installation, Kennedy was pleased with his experience with Windows Hawaii.


“The crew members that came out to install the windows were really good,” he said. “It looked like they’ve been working together for a while.

“The bottom line that sets Windows Hawaii apart from others is their price — they undercut everybody,” Kennedy concluded. “Mario gave me a good deal; in fact, I already referred Windows Hawaii to one of my friends. This was the last upgrade I was going to do for my house, and they’re nice windows. The quality is there — they (Windows Hawaii) really know what they’re doing.”

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