When space is at a premium, I like shower doors over shower curtains. The glass allows the space to feel more open. However, once I started bathing my daughter in the tub, I quickly realized that shower doors can get in the way.

Shower curtain shopping entailed more than I originally anticipated. First, we had to decide on a rod. From previous experience, I knew I wanted curved rather than straight.


Curved rods give you more space and use the same size curtains as a straight rod. By adding more space between the shower and the curtain, they also help to prevent the curtain from clinging to your body. One drawback is that curved rods bring curtains farther out on the exterior. If you have a toilet or sink nearby, the curtain may brush up against these fixtures.

There is a rod on the market that rotates so the curve can face either way and go back and forth. This allows you to enjoy more room in the shower and then flip it in the other direction when you are out.

While shopping for your rod, consider installation. Tension rods are the most common for standard showers. Wall-mounted rods also are popular, but require finding studs in your walls, pre-drilling holes and installing anchors. If you have a freestanding tub or one that is not flanked by walls on both ends, you may need to consider a rod with ceiling risers.


Next, choose both a liner and a decorative curtain. Some decorative curtains pull double-duty, and some varieties require you to buy both. In my experience, I haven’t found a two-in-one that matched my decor, so I have always opted to get both. For the liner, choose one that is mold-resistant. If it has metal grommets, make sure it is rust resistant as well. Make sure it also is machine washable. For color, opt for clear or white. This will help your shower to stay light and bright while you are inside.

Contrary to popular belief, a new curtain does not require a matching set of bath mats. Instead, choose a curtain that complements the space as a whole. Go bold if your bathroom needs some pop, go neutral if not. Don’t be afraid of white. White can be bleached if needed and can add a hotel feel to your bathroom.

If you are like me, you will wash your liner frequently. This means when choosing hooks, you should look for some that allow for easy installation and removal. If they are metal, make sure they are also rust-resistant.


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