In Hawaii’s high-priced energy environment, efficiency is high on most consumers’ minds when they shop for an air conditioning unit. However, ongoing A/C maintenance is often neglected. Below are some tips to extend the life of your A/C and keep it in good working order.

Clean the filter

Experts recommend that if you run the A/C regularly, clean the air filter monthly, especially if you have pets.

Mitsubishi indoor units have filters that are easy to remove and require only a quick rinse to clean, but even if your A/C’s filter isn’t washable, a new filter is not the place to skimp. A dirty filter will not only decrease energy efficiency, it will also lead to poor indoor air quality and will shorten the life of your A/C.

Check the outdoor unit


All A/Cs need a clear space around them to work properly. If you have a split system, maintain a 20-inch clearance in front of the intake grill of the outside condenser unit (where the air is drawn in). Also, remove any airflow obstructions like leaves and plants.

Professional cleaning

RevoluSun Smart Home’s most popular Mitsubishi systems provide both cooling and heating. If you plan to use your system for heat during the cooler winter months, experts recommend that you have your system serviced before transitioning from cool to hot. If you only use your A/C for cooling, annual maintenance in the spring before the weather heats up again is fine.

While it is possible to do annual and semi-annual maintenance by yourself, it’s a task most people would rather pay someone to do. At RevoluSun Smart Home, maintenance of split A/C systems include: chemical cleaning of coils, cleaning of drain pan and drain line, housing and filter, and fan; checking of wiring and connections; and checking refrigeration fittings for leaks. After both inside and outside units are cleaned and checked, the system is tested to ensure its efficiency is optimized. This service is available for $250 per indoor unit.

Before the weather cools off and you forget about the humble A/C that keeps you comfortable when the trade winds disappear, make it a point to schedule maintenance for it.

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