Old asphalt driveways, when you think about it, are a lot like old asphalt roofs. They become very hot and dry in the Hawaiian sun and start to crack after just a few years. The oils in the asphalt dry out quickly and crack due to the same expansion/ contraction cycle that happens when hot asphalt cools down too quickly in the cool rain. As the cracks deepen, dirt starts to accumulate and grass starts growing quickly — breaking down the asphalt even further.

When a homeowner applies an old-fashioned black asphalt sealer over the deteriorating asphalt, they do buy a few years of service, but quickly that cheap, black asphalt coating absorbs so much heat and ultraviolet (UV) rays that it starts to fade quickly, repeating an endless cycle.

At the Cool Roof Store, the company has a better idea, as well as a better product that comes from Australia. Nutech Paints, which has marketed its heat reflective NXT Cool Coat products for roofs in Hawaii, is extending its coating line to also cover exterior walls and decks, including driveways. What is so revolutionary about its products is the durability and Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) that sets it apart from old-fashioned black coatings.


Think about it. Once you seal the deck surface with the CRS waterproof primer and apply two quick top coats of the NXT PaveCoat, you are blocking out 100 percent of the destructive UV rays, which destroys your deck. Other benefits of this product line include:

• NXT PaveCoat comes in 36 beautiful rich colors that will enhance the beauty of your deck or driveway.

• It is formulated using cross-linking NANO technology that results in excellent adhesion, color retention and resistance to staining, including oil and grease.

• It comes in a light semi-glass finish.


• PaveCoat is water based and easy to clean, unlike most solvent-based products. It is environmentally friendly, has low odor and non-toxicity properties.

• It can be thinned with water, which helps it penetrate into unpainted concrete so that it covers 33 percent more area than traditional solvent-based coatings. That further results in substantial cost savings.

What your neighbors will notice most will be the lovely curbside appearance of your home that will last through the years.

Call or visit the Cool Roof Store to see some of those many colors installed on its own driveway and walking decks. The company is having a free “wiki” seminar at its store to showcase all its vehicular and deck coatings on Saturday, Nov. 18 from 9 a.m. to noon. Call 591-1905 to reserve a spot to ensure you’ll get a seat, as well as a personal one-on-one consultation regarding your specific project. Whether you want to do it yourself or have a professional install it for you, you will want to attend this hands-on seminar. See why the entire NXT products line of heat reflective coatings is so popular in hot Hawaiian climate.

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