T&T Tinting Specialists Inc. has been tinting Hawaii’s windows since 1982. In the last 35 years, tint technology has grown at a light-speed pace.

C-Bond Systems, available in Hawaii exclusively at T&T Tinting, was developed at Rice University and uses “smart solution” technology. It improves the performance of the window film by significantly enhancing the cohesion of the film to the glass. In other words, in the case of a large impact on the window, no large pieces will escape the immediate area. C-Bond has been proven in laboratory tests to improve glass strength up to 100 percent and glass flexibility up to 100 percent as well. C-Bond technology with T&T Tinting’s window films make your home, office and even automobile windows the strongest they can be.


T&T Tinting can install the same technology found at the Supreme Court and FBI Building in Washington, D.C. and the Los Angeles International Airport on your home windows here in Hawaii. Learn more about C-Bond at tnttinting.com/c-bond-systems.

T&T Tinting also offers clear safety films that will keep your family safe and protect them from 99.5 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays (both UVA and UVB). Or, for a few dollars more, you can take advantage of all of the solar benefits of tinted security film from T&T Tinting. You can reject up to 78 percent of the sun’s heat from entering your home; save energy since you can reduce the use of air conditioning or use your A/C units for extended periods of time; and you’ll enjoy 87-percent glare reduction, making for better views. T&T Tinting’s solar and security films come with a transferrable lifetime warranty of material and labor.

Visit tnttinting.com to find dozens of videos and hundreds of photos. You can even see examples of the company’s beautiful Glass Graphics line, now available in full color, and get instant estimates for free. Call 275-4565 or you can also drop by the showroom at 3035 Koapaka St. Monday through Saturday.

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