On Oct. 28, Montage Decor will be hosting a workshop that is open to the public at 9:30 a.m. at its showroom in Waikele.

Topics covered include new home/additions, multi-generational homes/renovations, kitchens and baths, and aging in place. Seating is limited, so call Montage Decor today to reserve your spot at the seminar.


“Our showroom is close to Waikele Shopping Center, so it’s easy to find,” said Montage Decor operation manager Grant Ishikawa. “We have the workshop at our new showroom so people can come, see and touch the products. They can learn a little bit more about our company, too.”

One of the topics covered at the workshop — aging in place — is especially relevant for families today, according to owner Gavin Ishikawa.

“Multigenerational living, in general, is due to the fact that there’s a lot of housing shortage and the price of housing in Hawaii is really expensive,” said Gavin. “Because of that, kids can’t afford to get a house so they’re moving back in with their parents, or parents are moving in with their kids because of aging in place, as we call it.


“If there’s aging in place, kids will retrofit their home to make it ADA-accessible for their parents, and they bring their parents in to live with them,” Gavin stated. “That’s one form of multigenerational living. Or, if kids can’t afford a home — they’ve been renting all this time — they often build an extension on their parents’ home to live with them. That’s another way multigenerational living works. That’s the norm nowadays, instead of people buying or tearing down a house — it’s too expensive.

“With equity going up and interest rates being as low as they are, it’s a good alternative,” Gavin added.

Because Montage Decor is a one-stop shop, Gavin encourages customers to check them out, whether they’re in the market for construction, renovations or maintenance.


He said the company will work on a project from start to finish, from concept to completion, including permitting and design.

“We’ll first look at your home, design it, create the blueprints, get the permit process and engineer stamps and do your construction. As your one-stop shop, we’ll take you through the whole journey,” Gavin said.

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address // 94-117 Malakeke Place, No. 102
web // montage-decor.com