Did you know that the vanity you choose can dramatically change the ambience of a bathroom? The vanity is often the focal point of any bathroom as they are decorative and often the only place for storage in a bathroom. Just like kitchen cabinets and countertops, one has to decide on style, color, construction, countertop material, size, height, lights, sink, faucet, free standing, wallmount, storage space, etc.

When deciding on which vanity is right for you keep in mind the size, types of materials, number of sinks and type of countertop as factors to a successful project.


Picking out the right size is the fi rst step. Vanities can range in size from 18 to 72 inches. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to fill up the entire space. If renovating an existing bathroom, the placement of current plumbing also will determine where the lavatory will be. Size will often determine how much storage space you will have under the counter.

Then material is next. In Hawaii, residents experience higher levels of moisture in the form of humidity and wet weather. Particleboard vanities do not have a long life expectancy in the Islands. Vanities that use wood will cost more but last longer in the humidity of Hawaii.

You also want to consider the amount of sinks you want. Usually the number of people will determine if a double vanity is needed. Space is also a factor, as the minimum size for a double vanity is usually 60 inches.


Finally, decide on a countertop. The type of countertop you select should be based on functional needs and budget. Granite, marble and other stones are beautiful and luxurious options, but periodic sealing is required. Man-made solid surfaces, such as Techstone, can have the elegant feel of a natural stone, but offer significant choices for color and pattern. Counter sink tops are also a popular choice where a sink and countertop are molded as one seamless piece.

Ronbow is a high-end manufacturer of vanities, as well as countertops, sinks, medicine cabinets and accessory pieces. Ronbow concentrates on quality and craftsmanship on all its products. All Ronbow vanities are constructed from solid hard-wood and do not use any particleboard or cheap fi llers. From its European heavy-duty concealed all-metal hinges to soft drawer glides that are extremely strong and durable, Ronbow is the leader of high-end vanities.

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