A little extra effort in customer service goes a long way. At least, that’s what local company Windows Hawaii believes. Although Windows Hawaii is known for its high-quality superior products, customer service is equally important. In February, customer Mary White was in the market for new windows and came across Windows Hawaii
while flipping through the phonebook. Because she was replacing all the windows in her home, she wanted to be sure she was handing the job off to a trustworthy, reputable company.

“It was a big job; it came out to a little more than $6,000,” White recalled. “I first talked to Windows Hawaii in February, and around April, the first of the windows came in.


“My son is in the construction industry, and he asked me who I called (for this job). When I told him I contacted Windows Hawaii, he said, ‘That’s good because they’re well known.’”

White shared that Windows Hawaii is a reliable option because of both, the quality products it carries, as well as the fast installation. She couldn’t believe how efficient yet thorough the installation crew was.

“They were really friendly, and they were also fast,” White said. “I recommend Windows Hawaii to anyone who needs new windows. In fact, my neighbor recently came over and looked at them because she wanted new windows. I think she’s going to give them a call.”


White also attested to Windows Hawaii’s high-quality product line. She remembered how her old windows were compared to the new ones.

“I can tell there’s a difference,” she said, without hesitation. “I ordered the
windows that keep the most heat out. When Windows Hawaii came over to do the demonstration, they brought the heat lamp so I could tell the difference. My new, double-paned windows make all the difference.”

Windows Hawaii is here to help its customers reach their home improvement goals.= For a free consultation and estimate, visit the company’s website or give the company a call.


contact // 671-0808 • 383-7233 (cell)
address // 91-489B Komohana St.
email // saleshi@windows-hawaii.com
web // windows-hawaii.com