By Rachel Deliz

Kunkel Works, a small business impor ting authentic aluminum outdoor products directly from Japan, introduces two new roof panels for carports and patio covers. The frosted heat-cut panel will retain visible light transmission of 79 percent, while still cutting down the heat, and the new self-cleaning panel claims to clean itself with rainwater, while keeping the view clear.

Keeping the light inside the house

A patio cover is a great feature for a home in Hawaii. Of all places in the world, residents have the best climate to enjoy the outdoors year round. Traditionally, a patio cover is made of wood and roofing materials. It will protect from sun and rain, but it also will harshly reduce the amount of light coming into the adjacent rooms.


The new frosted heat-cut panel addresses this specific need. It retains the light, while still cutting 70 percent of heat rays and 100 percent of ultraviolet rays. It delivers stunning good looks and even provides for privacy. So far, Kunkel Works has three projects with this panel installed in Hawaii, and customers have been very happy with this new panel option.

Clear self-cleaning option

For the folks on the Windward side, there’s a brand new panel as well, especially suited to not disturb the beautiful mountain views. This one has the appearance of clear glass, and has been coated to reject dirt, supposedly using the rain to clean the panel. Kunkel Works has not tested this in Hawaii yet, but the first cover with this panel has been ordered, and the company will update customers to see if the panels live up to this promise.

Get ideas on improving your home

Visit to see what other owners have done to create their own outside spaces with Japanese canopies. The website features local projects and more information from the Japanese manufacturer’s catalog. If you would like to get an estimate for your specific situation, please give Kunkel Works a call at 955-8211.

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