If you’ve been following the photovoltaic (PV) industry in Hawaii, you know that Hawaiian Electric Co. (HECO)’s Customer Grid-Supply (CGS) program, which credits solar customers for the excess electricity they generate with their PV panels and sends to the grid, will close on Oct. 21. This is the final deadline for CGS applications to be postmarked, to await approval status. So there is still time to apply.

Alternate Energy Inc. (AEI)’s team of professional project developers and inhouse
engineers will work with you to expedite the HECO CGS application process, ensuring that all paperwork is submitted correctly and on time. However, if you miss the CGS deadline or don’t get approved, there is no need to worry. You still have options.

HECO’s Customer Self Supply (CSS) program is the future of solar in Hawaii, and
it’s here now. This program is intended for the new generation of solar PV installations that are designed to not export electricity to the grid.


Instead, customers can use their self-generated energy immediately or store it
via an onsite battery system for their own use when they need it — like at night or in the event of a power outage due to a hurricane or other disaster.

This is where AEI’s revolutionary HESS system comes in. HESS stands for Home Energy Storage Solution. Because HESS is a qualifi ed CSS system using SolarEdge
and Tesla Powerwall 2 — a fully integrated A/C battery system — it’s eligible
for expedited review and approval of applications in areas with high levels of PV. Best of all, you are still eligible for state and federal tax credits, and of course, CSS customers can always draw energy from the HECO grid if needed.

Your AEI project developer can help you create a customized system tailored to
your energy needs. Before, during and post-installation, they’re always here to walk
you through processes and answer any questions along the way. Zero percent down financing options are also available.

Let AEI help you harness the future of solar energy for your home, with a new HESS
system today.

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