A retired couple decided to sell their house and buy a condo. Knowing that this would be their last home purchase, they wanted to transform the place and give it a true Hawaiian feeling.

They envisioned having stonewalls and interesting natural wood posts extending to the ceiling near the rock walls. They also wished that they could have a waterfall on their large lanai, but they felt that would be highly unlikely or near to impossible to easily accomplish.


They were discussing these ideas with a friend, who told them about the company Big Rock in Honolulu. While visiting the company’s showroom, they learned that Big Rock specialized in a lightweight concrete product called stone veneer, and it only specialized in Hawaiian stone. The choices were Moss Rock, Lava, Ocean Reef Coral, Ulupalakua and Blue Rock.

With Big Rock, you simply choose the type of stone and the walls you want to transform, then, you apply the stone veneer to the wall with mortar. Each piece of stone is an exact replica of the natural stone from which it was cast. The couple was amazed, as it was simply not possible to tell that it wasn’t natural stone.

Absolutely no structural modifications are required to install, as the stone weighs very little and it lasts forever. No maintenance is required, and it can be used in any room, including the bathroom if you wanted. The couple had fulfilled their dreams for the transformation of their new condo, simply by finding Big Rock.


As they were leaving, they noticed numerous waterfalls of all sizes in the outdoor garden showroom area. Although the waterfalls looked natural, they learned it was actually a lightweight stonecast product, and it was all self-contained. It could easily be carried up in the elevator of the building, so the couple now had their waterfall for the lanai, too. There were even hollow lightweight boulders to finish off the look. They had turned their dreams into reality once they found this amazing and unique company.

The couple also promised to send photos of their condo when they’re finished.

Big Rock has been manufacturing cast stone products since 1983, when owners Bonnie Cooper and Brian Joy, who had a unique idea of making Hawaiian stone products, founded it. For those with houses and gardens, there are endless beautiful and natural looking garden products available, as well as copper rainchains, Hawaiian garden ornaments, birdbaths and Japanese garden stones — you name it, Big Rock has it.


The place is unique; there’s nowhere else like it. The company has warranties on everything it makes, and the customer service is superb, extremely helpful and friendly. All Big Rock products are manufactured on site, so if the company doesn’t have it that day, it will make it for you.

contact // 834-7625
address // 1050 Kikowaena Place
email // bcooper@bigrockhawaii.com •
web // bigrockhawaii.com