Smart technology has found a place in virtually every room in the home. In fact, thanks to innovations such as sensor-operated, self-cleaning toilets, as well as moisture-sensing ventilation fans and digital shower controls, it’s possible to turn an ordinary bathroom into the “brainiest” room.

Smarter shower

From showerheads with light and sound, to everything controlled simply with your smartphone, an array of high-tech features are available to elevate your cleaning experience. You can find something for every preference. If you love showering at night, install a showerhead that features its own lighting. Opt for digital temperature controls that allow for multiple presettings for individual users. Try a showerhead that senses what you’re doing and automatically adjusts.

Versatile ventilation


Ventilation removes moisture and humidity that could promote the growth of mold and mildew, and can help exhaust unpleasant odors. Ventilation fans that sense humidity, like after a hot shower, turn on automatically to help remove excess moisture. Some fans can communicate wirelessly with wall switches or with an app that allows you to control the fan from your smartphone.

Multi-tasking mirror

You can kit out your smart bathroom with mirrors that feature built-in TVs and can communicate with your home’s security cameras, and medicine cabinets with de-fogging features that can let you get to your post-shower shave faster. And refrigerated medicine cabinets are perfect for preserving delicate drugs and cosmetics.

Advanced accessories

Enhance the usability and convenience of your bathroom with items such as: a small robot that mops floor tiles automatically, a Blue-tooth-enabled toothbrush that communicates with your smartphone, a smart scale that helps you track your weight progress, touch-free soap dispensers and a towel rack that uses hot air and ultraviolet light to dry towels.


This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.