Whether you’re remodeling your entire kitchen or looking to add a single upgrade, it’s important to select the best products that suit your lifestyle. “One of the best investments you can make is in your appliances,” said Clayton Gomi, showroom manager of Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting in Honolulu. He recommended several options from General Electric (GE) to consider for your next kitchen upgrade.

Culinary maestro

Masters in the kitchen should look for ways to enhance the food preparation experience with specialty appliances, such as the GE Monogram Pizza Oven. “The indoor pizza oven is an awesome luxury. Numerous preset cooking options and precise heating zones allow you to create restaurant quality pizza in the comfort of your own home,” he said.


Culinary maestros also are looking to make their kitchens more industrial and, therefore, are buying the GE Monogram French Door Oven and the French Door Refrigerator. “These products look very commercial and give you more of an upscale, built-in look,” said Gomi.

Timeand space-saving solutions

“Homeowners manage busy lives and are continuously looking for ways to streamline household chores,” added Gomi. “The GE Monogram Dishwasher eliminates the need to pre-wash hard-to-clean items by hand.”

Another useful product he recommends is the refrigerator with a built-in coffee maker that is housed directly in the refrigerator’s door and so freeing up counter space.

Active family


Busy families are looking for ease and convenience and can’t go wrong with the GE Monogram Induction Cooktop. “Induction cooking uses the transfer of magnetic energy, rather than a flame or electric element to create a quick, efficient way of cooking,” explained Gomi. Induction cooktops can boil water in three minutes, are safer because there’s no open flame or exposed heating element, and are easy to clean.

No matter your lifestyle or design preference, Ferguson’s local product experts can help you select the best appliances to suit your needs. In addition to their expertise in GE, they can assist with whole house lighting options and plumbing selections to create a beautiful kitchen that functions around the way you live.

Visit your local Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting or go to its website at fergu to request an appointment with a knowledgeable appliance expert.

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