By Chris Hart

T&T Tinting Specialists Inc. is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. President/CEO Tommy Silva started out as a one-man company tinting car windows in his Pearl City garage. He and his wife Teri used money they received from wedding gifts to get the company off the ground. Thirty-five years later, T&T Tinting is recognized as one of the top five window tinting companies in the U.S.

By now, you’ve read about many benefits of residential window tinting. It blocks out up to 78 percent of the sun’s heat that comes through your windows, it has beautiful high definition (HD) views, great curb appeal, increases the value of your home, adds great daytime privacy, extends the life of your furniture and flooring by blocking ultraviolet (UV) rays, offers energy savings, and on and on.


But right now, the most important benefit of T&T Tinting’s window film installation is probably keeping your family safe in the event of a windstorm or hurricane.

You can use the same technology that many of T&T Tinting’s commercial customers use on your home. T&T Tinting has installed hundreds of thousands of square feet of Vista Security films on many hotels in Waikiki, shopping centers and government buildings. Film that is 4 mil, 8 mil and even 11 mil thick. You can also upgrade any installation with a new technology called C-Bond Systems. It makes your existing glass 100 percent stronger and 100 percent more flexible. If a hurricane strikes, you’ll be thankful you upgraded to the C-Bond System. It’s available on Oahu only from T&T Tinting.

So, for the safety of your family and belongings, make your windows shatter resistant. Call T&T Tinting at 275-4565. Save 10 percent by getting an instant estimate online and booking an installation for your home at While you’re there, learn more by watching short informational videos on all of T&T Tinting’s products.

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