As homeowners prepare to tackle those highly anticipated summer roofing and renovation projects, Murakami Roofing LLC has local residents covered by offering the latest technology on the market.

Murakami Roofing has helped families remain safe and comfortable for nearly 40 years, and Clinton Murakami now heads the family business after learning the ropes under the tutelage of his father Clifford. The company is also lauded for its commitment to integrity and stellar service, and Clinton noted that it’s important to properly identify customers’ needs.


At the onset of selecting a new roof, second-generation roofer Clinton advises potential customers to dedicate the necessary time and research before upgrading their home.

Malarkey Roofing Products have taken the industry by storm, and its Vista shingles offer a 110 mph limited wind warranty and an available 130 mph enhanced wind warranty. Malarkey’s Vista shingles feature NexGen Technology to increase flexibility and impact resistance, while also retaining the aesthetic appearance of the roof by resisting algae and deflecting damaging solar rays.

Murakami Roofing also incorporates Tropical Silicone produced by All Weather Surfaces of Aiea as a roof coating for projects where existing structures benefit from an added layer of waterproofing and a heat-reflective membrane. Tropical Silicone is also ideal on low-sloped roof surfaces on which water tends to pond, as it resists mildew and algae that thrive in Hawaii’s moist atmosphere.


While the work performed by a reputable company with a proven track record of completing successful jobs may cost more than companies touting lower prices, a quality project will end up saving money over the lifespan of a roof.

For instance, Murakami Roofing recently repaired a roof for a customer after it was compromised by multiple leaks. The company that initially installed the roof was no longer in business, and the homeowner could not rely on the project’s warranty. In this case, going with the least expensive bid proved costly.

“We work hard to provide excellent customer service, and it’s our service that sets us apart from the competitors,” said Clinton, who hopes to pass on the business to his son in the coming years and make it a third-generation company. “Don’t let price be the sole determining factor. You should consider the quality of materials and reputation of the company.”

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