Having a tile roof is considered a definite plus in Hawaii real estate. No matter what neighborhood you live in, it will bring a higher price for your home. People like and trust them.

Tile roofs are beautiful, stately, fireproof and usually won’t blow off in a storm. However, many of the early roofs are getting up there in years (30 to 40 years) and are in need of restoration. Some tiles may be cracked from falling branches or from heavy workers who may have reason to walk on your roof. Oftentimes, you will see missing cement grout along the ridge tiles, leaving big holes for rain to blow into. And after 20 years or so, the original glazed finish of the tile burns off by the sun, leaving it bare and exposed to the elements. So not only does your formerly beautiful tile now look drab and weathered, but it also is starting to deteriorate and crack.

The good news is that with a little restoration work, LeakMaster Roofing can make your old roof look and perform like new. First, old cracked tiles are replaced. Wherever there is missing cement grouting, the company replaces with a much better material — the flexible, waterproof Cool Roof Store (CRS) Roof Repair Mastic. This product is applied over all the hip and ridge roof tiles to keep water from seeping into the old grout, which is not waterproof.



The NXT Cool Roof coating system is a three-coat process: one primer and two finish coats. It is important to get the right primer. If you have a very pitted and porous surface, like the “before” picture shown, then LeakMaster Roofing will use the NXT GP Concrete Primer. This is a thick, filling type of primer that will help smooth out the rough surface for your finish coats. However, if you have a smoother, lightly glazed surface there is NXT Nu-Prime, a penetrating primer that has great adhesion. The two finish coats are done with NXT Cool Coat for Roofs. You can choose from 36 beautiful colors that will make your roof look brand new. The company has also come out with nine lighter pastel colors that have greater than 70 percent Total Solar Reflectance.

LeakMaster Roofing knows that you can’t put high-quality exterior house paint on a roof. It will just get prematurely faded and cracked because of the intense Hawaiian sun, rain, salt and mold. The NXT system has developed over the last 40 years in Australia where the ultraviolet rays are more severe. It has remarkable heat reflecting tints that keep building color. Its revolutionary Thermal Protection Technology uses cross-linking polymers and a high gloss finish to keep your roof free of environmental pollutants, which can discolor your roof.

Recently, it has expanded its product line to include the same technology in its waterproof wall and deck coatings. Because these paints reflect heat so well, it stays cooler and lasts longer than ordinary house paints. LeakMaster also applies these coatings.

In fact, the company is offering a special discount of $500 off a full tile roof repair and coat job. Just call the company before Sept. 30 to book a free estimate. Come see how to make your original Monier roof last the lifetime of your structure.

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