Try this experiment for yourself. When parking your car in the sun, roll up the windows, turn off the A/C and see how long it takes before it starts to feel uncomfortable. Usually it’s only a few seconds, right?

Closing windows to cool a home seems like a contradiction. Unfortunately, when running an air conditioner, homeowners must close all of their windows and doors. Since there is no ventilation, when the refrigeration is finally switched off, the home rapidly heats up again.

What are the physics of a hot home? Why is it called a whole house fan?


During the day, the sun warms the home. “We all remember that heat rises and expands, which means that the heat has to exit the home before cooler outside air can come in,” explained Al Whitworth of Island Cooling. “Since homes are usually closed up when we go out, the heat gets trapped inside until we come back in the evening to ‘air the house out.'”

The QuietCool system works with open windows that allow a home to stay ventilated throughout the day. Should there be a need to close the house, the higher volume of air movement the QuietCool provides when the home is “aired out” means that the home will cool down a lot faster than waiting for passive cooling to take effect.

Drawing heat up and out (where it wants to go naturally) means that as it draws in fresh air, this very efficient system cools both living space and attic — that’s why it’s called a whole house fan.


Because the system is not refrigerating air, it’s a very cost effective way to cool the home. The control switch allows it to provide on-demand ventilation when you want it, and because Quiet-Cool works with open windows it works great with the indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

What should I know about the site inspection?

Al’s brother Ivan Whit-worth explained that “An experienced specialist should be able to give you a specific location where the intake and controls would be placed, as well as let you know if attic vents will need to be installed and where they will be located. Please let your inspector know if there’s a particular hot area of the home, as well as what your favorite seating area is, as this is all factored into the inspection.”

Hawaii homeowners have responded positively to QuietCool. K. Lee of Kaimuki had her fan installed in February of this past year. She said, “The fan was impressive. When you start to play with the windows and doors and channeling air, it really works. It’s also quieter than I expected. The guys were professional and quick.”


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