Friends and neighbors across Hawaii have been praising the QuietCool whole house fan system from Island Cooling, saying it’s the “best idea ever! Sucks all the heat out,” and that they “wish [they] had done it earlier.”

Rosalyn Concepcion of Honolulu is one of them. Rosalyn and her husband Alex have a central A/C for their home-based chiropractic offi ce, but found that it was cost prohibitive to run, and they preferred to keep the home open to the natural breeze. Unfortunately, the breeze by itself wasn’t as consistent as it used to be, and they felt like there had to be something between these two extremes.


Al Whitworth of Island Cooling hears this a lot. “Folks will tell us that their home has gotten a lot hotter than they remember,” he said. “We focus on making the home more effi cient and cooler.

“Unlike A/C where you have to close the home up to refrigerate it, QuietCool works with open windows. It’s perfect for our indoor/ outdoor way of living.”

QuietCool is a ventilation system installed in the attic of the home with the intake at the ceiling where the home’s hottest air is. Drawing heat up and out (where it wants to go naturally) means that as it draws in fresh air, this very efficient system cools both living space and attic. It uses a fraction of the energy of an A/C system, and the installation is usually handled by a builder or professional electrician.


Rosalyn and Alex, while researching options, heard about Island Cooling and invited the company out for a site inspection. Ivan Whit-worth of Island Cooling measured the home space and got input on the layout and living patterns of the home.

“The size of the QuietCool system is based on the size of the living space,” Ivan said. “While the number of units and location of installation is based on the layout and living patterns in the home. For Rosalyn, that meant a large QuietCool to ventilate the home’s main area, and a smaller unit to cool the master bedroom. Additional attic ventilation means her system can quickly rid the attic of built up heat.”

She explained, “All of the hot air is sucked right out and instantly you can start to feel comfortable.”


Rosalyn is very happy with the results. “We love our QuietCool!” she wrote. “It has drastically reduced our electric bill by saving us $100-200 or more a month. We no longer need to run our central A/C half as much as we used to and can open our windows and feel the cool air from the outside breeze through our entire home.”

Island Cooling LLC is Hawaii’s distributor of Quiet-Cool. For more, visit Island or call 672-2300.

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