Windows Hawaii is often sought after for its high-quality products.

But, the local company is also known for its unparalleled customer service, as demonstrated through testimonials from numerous satisfied customers.

One customer, Gail McElrath, recently had new windows installed in her townhouse, and she has nothing but great feedback about Windows Hawaii.


“I bought this townhouse years ago, and half of the windows didn’t work properly, so I needed to replace them,” she said. “I’m very happy with the new windows — they’re triple insulated, so they keep the noise and heat out, and they’re also pretty. I’ve gotten lots of compliments on them.”

McElrath stated that Windows Hawaii stands out in the industry for multiple reasons.

“I had two other companies come to my house, and they didn’t give me an estimate right away,” commented McElrath.

“When Windows Hawaii came, they gave me an estimate on the same day. They did the measurements and followed through. That was important; that’s why I chose them.


“Windows Hawaii showed up on time and provided really good customer service. The crew that came to install my windows were so efficient and professional.

“They were done within three hours and went above and beyond. I’ve actually recommended them to some of my neighbors who also need to replace their windows,” McElrath said.

Customer Mario Yano had a similar experience, in terms of customer service. Over the last three years, he replaced the windows in his home and wanted to see if the products would stand the test of time.

“Windows Hawaii did half of my home three years ago, and within the past year, they did the other half, so my home is completely done now,” he said. “I initially did only half of my home just to see how the windows would be — was it cooler and quieter, as Windows Hawaii claimed they would be? And they were fabulous.”


Yano mentioned that Windows Hawaii is in his personal top three, especially after dealing with several other companies throughout his life.

Yano went on to say, “They’re honest, professional, they come on time and they keep me posted if there’s ever a change. They were always straightforward and answered all my questions.”

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