Football season is finally upon us and fans everywhere are getting revved up to cheer on their favorite team.

Whether you watch the big game from the comfort of your home or head down to the stadium, it’s the perfect time to throw the mother of all football celebrations – that is, a really big tailgating party.

Tailgating is a chance to enjoy (or brave) the weather and bond with friends over the anticipation of football. At its peak, stadium tailgating can turn into a free-flowing block party that anyone can crash. Plus, as we all know, these kinds of games can be a great chance for people to roll out some cash. Whether it be with Casino Martini or other sites online, or between buddies, bets tend to land on big game days, and having a party is a great way to get in on that action.

Whether at home on the deck or camped out at the stadium, an unforgettable day of tailgating starts with a good plan and the right mindset. Whatever you do, be sure to roll out the welcome mat and tackle the tailgating experience head on, creating the ultimate football party zone.

Up your grill game


You can’t tailgate without great food and mountains of meat. That means this is a good time to evaluate your outdoor cooking gear.

Consider adding a second grill, and you’ll have plenty of extra cooking space to feed the crowd. One great addition to your lineup is the Black 3-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill by Char-Broil, available at Lowe’s. It’s easy to start so you’ll have those extra burgers, steaks or chicken wings sizzling right away.

Explore other additions to your grilling kit to help you fix up a memorable feast. Invest in that smoker you always wanted so you can perfect your brisket recipe and make your tailgate party an instant fan favorite.

Nowadays, portable grills come with larger cooking spaces, so you can keep those bellies filled while making the trip to the stadium much easier.

Make room for the crowd

Wherever you tailgate,, meeting new people is par of the fun and tradition, so be prepared for extras. Take a look at your seating situation and add folding chairs so you’ll always have space for special guests. When people are enjoying the spread of snacks, appetizers and sides, extra tables will keep the buffet well organized with plenty of elbow room. Finally, preparation will keep everyone comfortable through that unpredictable fall weather.


A spacious pop-up canopy or two with your team’s colors and logo can keep the party going and those spirits up whether the day brings intense sun or a chilly fall drizzle.

Get everyone off their feet

Tailgating is not just hanging out for a couple hours in a parking lot; it can last an entire day. Break up the lull and get everyone on their feet with some yard games.

You could always purchase some game sets, but with a little effort and the help of some power tools, you can build your own.

Building a few sets of cornhole boards and ring toss games is easier than you think. Or you can keep it casual with homemade-diced darts made with giant foam dice. A high-stakes giant-sized balancing block tower game is a sure way to amp up the excitement. In any case, a bit of friendly competition creates the perfect icebreaker for any gathering.

Lowe’s is the place where you can find everything you need to create the ultimate tailgating experience that will please any fan. Visit lowes. com for more creative ideas.


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