Electricity rates go up over time. It’s a fact of life. A $58 electric bill in 1997 would cost $100 at today’s rates. A big increase like that can be especially distressing to retirees and other folks who live on a fixed income. Hawaiian Electric Co. (HECO) forecasts an even steeper increase of rates in the near future: 40 percent over the next six years.

Knowing that rates are projected to increase sharply, would you freeze today’s electricity rates if you could? The good news is that you can. Leasing allows consumers to lock in electricity rates, which are lower than today’s HECO rates, for the next 20 years. Unlike a car lease, there is no upfront payment. It’s just a fixed monthly payment — and 20-30 percent savings — from day one. It also includes the benefit of instantaneous whole home battery backup.


Locally owned and operated, RevoluSun Smart Home recently launched its own photovoltaic (PV) lease program called Smart Power.

“Our lease program combines the affordability and convenience of leasing with the peace of mind that comes with working with a solid kamaaina company,” said RevoluSun’s chief innovation officer Eric Carlson. “A good PV system should last over 30 years. It makes sense to choose a PV installer that will be here to service your system for just as long.”

Unlike mainland-based lease programs, Revolu-Sun’s customer service is located in Honolulu and available during Hawaii business hours.


Having its own leasing program has given Revolu-Sun Smart Home flexibility in determining customer credit worthiness and PV system components.

“We can serve a wider range of people and design systems that meet their performance, cost and warranty needs,” said Carlson.

Net Energy Metering (NEM), Customer Grid Supply (CGS) and Customer Self-Supply (CSS) systems are all eligible for Smar Power leases. Contact RevoluSun Smart Home today for a free consultation.

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