Whole house fans maintain ‘quiet, cool’ fresh air

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Summer can be a frustrating time for homeowners trying to get comfortable in their homes. As the sun beats down on their roofs, residents can literally feel the heat radiating down from their ceilings.

For many folks, this means that all that trapped hot air makes their home a lot hotter inside than it is outside and turning on a ceiling fan just mixes the hot air around.

Julie Honda of Kailua-Kona was one of those homeowners. Honda commented, “We were new to living at an elevation so close to sea level and during the hot months we were running our overhead ceiling fans 24/7.

“We had solar panels to keep electricity costs down, but when running the A/C it was a hassle to open and close windows all the time. We also didn’t like the extreme changes in temperature between the inside and outside, and once the A/C was on, we never ventured outside. At night, the cycling of the A/C would wake us up with the noise.”

Honda heard about QuietCool and, after talking with Ivan Whitworth of Island Cooling, decided to install a system in her home.

Her QuietCool Stealth Pro 6.5 fan has a central intake with a very energy effi cient pair of fans in the attic, which draw heat out of the home and vent it through the attic vents. A timer control on the wall allows her to set the hours of use and speed.

She mentioned, “The temperature difference is perfect. It feels like being in the shade outside, cool and comfortable. We have a constant flow of fresh, cool air and it costs pennies per hour to run, so we’ve been leaving the fans on for our deserving dog during the day.

“We highly recommend these fans to anyone who enjoys living a seamless indoor/ outdoor lifestyle. It is literally like a breath of fresh air.”

Island Cooling LLC is Hawaii’s distributor of QuietCool. For more information, visit the company online at IslandCooling.com, or call 672-2300.

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