Silicone roof coatings are the perfect roof material underneath your solar panels, regardless if new or existing. Whether you have a flat roof that ponds water, or a sloping asphalt shingle roof, silicone is right for your roof.

When rainwater ponds underneath a solar panel on a flat roof, the shade of the panel keeps that water from ever drying out. If you look underneath, you will probably see a lot of mildew growth, compared to the other areas of your roof that are exposed to the sun. That black mildew has special barbed roots that grow into your existing roof membrane to breakdown. Silicone roof coatings (like silicone caulking) are very tough and slippery, so the roots will not penetrate it.

Even better, the sun will not slowly wear it down due to oxidation and chalkiness. It does not “sacrifice” or wash off over time. It retains its initial thickness, unlike acrylic or urethane coatings that will chalk from the sun. Silicone is a remarkable material, and that’s why the Cool Roof Store (CRS) HD-50 Silicone brand offers a 50-year material warranty, if applied correctly.


Most sloped roofs, like the popular asphalt shingles, which are so prevalent in Hawaii, are excellent candidates for a CRS silicone-coated roof. When applied with the proper amount of waterproof primer and top-coat, a shingle roof will become completely seamless with no loose shingles to blow off, even in high winds. By installing a low-profile aluminum edge flashing along the entire perimeter of your roof, even your vulnerable first row of shingles are 100 percent protected from high winds. It will be the last roof you will ever need. This year is expected to be a big El NiƱo year in Hawaii, so it would be wise to protect yourself before the hurricane season begins. The benefits include:

• The existing roof can be left in place, no need to expose the house to damage, dirt or sudden downpour.

• It lasts for 50 years and won’t sacrifice or peel up under water and mildew, if applied correctly.

• It won’t blow off when it dries out and ages — it’s a seamless system. The perimeter edge metal keeps it from blowing off.


• It stays cleaner from dirt and mildew longer than most shingle roofs, which get mildew and look dull and grey.

• Fifty-year material warranty by manufacturer. Up to 20-year labor when mainland representative walks the roof with additional warranty fee.

• It’s popular for commercial roofs.

Bright white CRS silicone will always be a good bet to cool down your home and make life more comfortable in the summer. Besides having a great ultraviolet refl ectivity factor, it stays much cleaner than other roofs because dir and mildew have a hard time sticking to the slippery roof surface. Whether you want to do it yourself, or hire a professional to install it, the Cool Roof Store is the place. Call or stop by the store for more information.

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