If you are considering installing solar on your home to cut your electric bill by up to 70 percent, you will want to act now. The first step of this process, that many don’t know, is to get approval from Hawaii Electric Co. (HECO) — and a certified solar contractor must submit the paperwork for you.

You will be required to show your contractor a current electric bill with historical energy usage. The process of getting approval from HECO can take one to three months. Sometimes longer as the space left on the grid is limited. Many are estimating that space will run out by October 2017.


Why do you need to provide an electric bill with history? This is necessary in order to ensure your system is sized properly. Purchasing a system that is too small will not give you maximum savings. Purchasing a system too large will cost you more money and result in fewer savings. Even if you and your neighbor have the exact same house plan, you will find that your electric bill varies in cost. Everyone uses his or her energy differently; it is not a one-size-fits-all.

Once approved, you will generally be granted 12-18 months to actually install the system. Even if you know you want solar “eventually” or “one day,” it is so important to start taking action today. It is not a process that happens overnight. Waiting to act on this could result into the centimetre-gram-second (CGS) program being closed, narrowing your options to a photovoltaic and battery energy storage combo which costs more upfront. Know your options and make the right choice for you. Start saving money on your electric bill today.

To learn more about solar, Hi-Power Solar offers free consultations. Contact Hi-Power Solar today. Hi-Power Solar offers photovoltaic, solar hot water, air conditioning and battery energy storage solutions. By supporting rooftop solar in the state — such as those photographed here (at front is vice president of Hi-Power Solar, Cruz Romero) — you can be a part of promoting a brighter future for Hawaii.

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