KunkelWorks is a small business importing authentic aluminum outdoor products directly from Japan. In 2017, the Japanese manufacturer Sankyo Tateyama Inc. introduced an important structural design change to the REVOLU patio cover.

A 17.5-foot clearance between posts is now available. Before, the longest beam could span 15 feet. Now, the engineers have designed a beam that can span 18 feet, which makes it possible to position it in front of a twocar garage (see photo).


The longest this cover can project out from your house wall is 15 feet. KunkelWorks has covers that can span 20 feet; however, it will need a third post.

This opens new possibilities for extending your garage, but there is a catch. You do need to have enough space in front of your garage to be able to meet the Honolulu Building Permit rules.

Here is how to check: you need 7.5 feet of clearance to the front property line. Measure from your garage door to the front property line and subtract 7.5 feet to equal the space you can cover. The roof must also clear 2.5 feet to the side property line.


Having a unit with a bearing beam recessed back from the gutter by about 2.5 feet (see photo) can be helpful with the Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP) rules because a post or wall has to be 10 feet back from the front property line and 5 feet from the side. With this solution, you can max out your roof coverage to the full extent allowed by law.

Visit KunkelWorks at the Building Industry Association of Hawaii’s (BIA) New Summer Home Building and Remodeling Show Aug. 11-13. KunkelWorks will be at booth 760c at Neal S. Blaisdell Exhibition Hall. The company will feature a 10-by-10 cover with different types of roof panels, as well as many fence and gate styles.

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