Every business has its own culture, no matter how big or small. Graham Builders is a local, family-owned and operated design+build fi rm that has long been a trailblazer in Hawaii’s residential construction industry. In addition to custom single-family homes, the company specializes in multi-generational home designs, as well as remodeling for aging-in-place and universal design.

Holding a strong conviction for best quality work and practices, as well as excellent customer service, the Graham Builders’ culture embraces the commitment to exceed customers’ expectations every step of the design and build process. This starts with education. Graham Builders strongly believes that homeowners who understand the building process are better able to achieve their dream: a strong, effi cient, functional and exceptionally comfortable home.

Building your home for life


When chief executive offi cer Danny Graham developed the “Building Your Home for Life” seminar in 1994, he envisioned a presentation that would educate homeowners on the pertinent information needed for a successful project for both the homeowner and the builder. He decided to forgo the sales pitch for a more transparent, informative overview of the entire building process. Understanding that knowledge and communication are the keys to making good decisions, Graham Builders has guided more than 5,000 Hawaii homeowners who have attended its construction seminars over the years.

Through the design and build process, the company works side by side with each client and fuses creative design with extensive construction experience to build homes that will last generations.

“Homeowners assume contractors are all alike or only do things in a certain way,” said Graham Builders’ president Evan Fujimoto. “At our ‘Building Your Home For Life’ seminar, we promote design and build, not Graham Builders. There’s no sales pitch. We are very transparent and honest about the ups and downs of building — here’s what makes designing and building a new home challenging, and here’s how we work through it.”

Best practices, quality construction


At Graham Builders, an above-and-beyond business culture literally starts with the foundation. Most of the hallmarks of quality construction are often unseen elements, such as soil preparation, foundations and structural design. This attention-to-quality craftsmanship in the initial construction stages sets the bar for unparalleled quality and performance throughout the life of the materials and the home.

Customer service

Family values drive the team at Graham Builders, where clients often become family. It’s the nature of building a home, not just a house. Exceptional service starts with the fi rst visit to the Graham Builders’ offi ce, with reserved parking right by the front door. The design process is a very hands-on, collaborative experience. Homeowners work with an architectural designer to create their remodel or new home, and even work directly with an estimator to explain all the costs and offer options.

“Coming out of personal experience, we are able to help people make adjustments to multigen living,” said Fujimoto. “We remain committed to homeowners and develop long-term relationships with our clients. When people call and have a need, we do whatever it takes to fi ll that need. We will come back and renovate for future upgrades. We are all here to help you out the best we can.”

Comfort and efficiency


With the proper foundations in place, Graham Builders delivers comfortable and efficient homes. The company doesn’t skimp on spaces. That doesn’t mean it builds larger houses, it means that certain areas — like hallways, bathrooms, kitchens and staircases — are designed and built with comfortable living in mind. Through smart space planning, Graham Builders’ homes are designed with efficient and mindful circulation patterns, so that it’s easy to get around the house, furnishings that do not interrupt the fl ow of the home, and appliances that are conveniently placed for making those memorable home-cooked meals.

Get started

Fujimoto and the entire Graham Builders team invite you to join them at the company’s upcoming “Building Your Home For Life” seminar on Saturday, Aug. 5 from 9 to 11 a.m. at the Honolulu Country Club. Educate yourself about the design and build process by registering today at GrahamBuilders.com or call 593-2808 to reserve your spot.

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