As homeowners begin to dream up plans to update their kitchens and bathrooms, they can spend hours searching for inspiration on the web or one of the many home renovation TV shows. There’s no shortage of beautiful ideas and designs out there.

A recent study conducted by the home design website Houzz found that the two things homeowners want most for their bathroom are style and ease of cleaning. In effect, people want their bathrooms to exhibit both function and design.

Of course, there are the conventional bathroom remodel options, such as a new faucet or shower fixture, all of which can be stunning and transform not just your bathroom, but also your house. But the most commonly used bathroom component is often the most overlooked: the toilet.


Eighty-three percent of Americans claim there’s something they want to improve upon with their toilets, according to a survey by Kohler.

This statistic should give homeowners pause and invite them to think beyond the conventional bathroom remodeling ideas and re-imagine the possibilities.

Comfort, hygiene and style

Travelers returning from Italy, Spain and Japan often rave about the unexpected luxury of using a bidet. While popular in many other countries, bidets are only just now catching on in the U.S., moving from high-end luxury bathrooms and hospitals into household bathrooms across America.

As the leading manufacturer of modern bidets, Kohler has been working to incorporate the trifecta of comfort, hygiene and style into their intelligent toilets.


Built directly into an ergonomically shaped toilet seat, a stainless-steel bidet wand offers adjustable water temperature, pressure, position and shape, along with pulsating and oscillating functions to maximize the comfort of the experience.

But that’s not all. Kohler’s intelligent toilets feature a heated seat, warm air dryer and added sanitary features, such as hands-free flushing and a deodorizing seat.

Redefined bathroom

Equipped with smart technology that allows a person to customize their experience, such ultra-modern bidets may change how Americans go to the bathroom, but only if the look is right. Consumers are not willing to sacrifice design for functionality. For anyone who has seen a Veil Intelligent Toilet, it’s evident that the same exacting standards it brings to cleanliness and hygiene go into its clean look.

With this latest generation of toilets and bidets, it’s likely that more people will want to redefine their bathroom.


This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.