Summer is here and your lawn is a source of pride. However, it can also be a source of hard work, sweat and even frustration. Apply these five tips today and you’ll have more time to enjoy your well-cared-for yard with fewer headaches.

Be smart about seeding

Seed growth is more successful during cooler months, so if you didn’t seed in the early spring, wait until later in the season before doing so.

The perfect cut


Nothing improves your lawn’s overall appearance like the perfect cut, especially when that cut comes easy. Greenworks 60-Volt Mower is a lithium-ion battery-powered mower that eliminates the need to mix and pour gas. Finding the perfect cutting height is easy with its seven different blade positions and its Patented Smart Cut Technology keeps the blade speed at an optimal level based on the thickness of the turf.

Water smart

Successfully watering your lawn is all about timing. And, like seeding, dragging a sprinkler around your yard during the peak hours of the day will result in the water you expend being burned off before it does any good. To make the most of your watering sessions, water your lawn at dawn or dusk when temperatures are cooler. This increases the possibility that the water will stick around long enough for the grass to absorb it.

Trimming made easy

A well-cut lawn is perfectly complemented by manicured bushes and shrubs, and tackling these tasks with the Greenworks 60-Volt Cordless String Trimmer and Hedge Trimmer is easy.


Each tool utilizes push button start technology, eliminating the need for pull cords, while the battery-powered brushless motor offers an environmentally friendly, gas-alternative. Tackle large projects with the string trimmer’s 16-inch cut path or use the hedge trimmer’s lightweight, rotating handle to reach every angle. If you need some advice about trimming your lawn or hedge, you could visit the iTrim4u website and see if they have any information that can help you.

Add mulch to control weeds

The most beautiful planting beds lose their luster if their base is crowded with weeds. To eliminate this problem, add a four-inch layer of mulch to the top of your beds. This mulch blocks out the sun, making it hard for weeds to grow. It also reduces your need to water these beds by slowing water’s evaporation rate.

There is plenty of time to make those chores more efficient to benefit yourself and your lawn. To learn more about the lawn care tools available from Greenworks, visit


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