INspiration recently completed a kitchen renovation in the Waikiki Landmark building that was built in 1993. The kitchen was lacking luster and in need of a remodel. Clients Jim and Diane Smith had visited the showroom back in 2014 and immediately fell in love with the look of the Valdesign Italian cabinetry.

From its stylized customizable options, which include touch mechanism doors and LED under cabinet lighting, to an array of colors and finishes, this look was what the clients were going after.


In addition, they were very particular about how they wanted it to function to support their lifestyle, needs and limitations in a smaller condominium kitchen.

Diane suffers from polycystic liver disease and polycystic kidney disease, which meant she would have special dietary needs. Her husband, on the other hand, has spent many years traveling and studying “Edwin’s Cellar: The Art and Craft of Matching Fine Wines with Food.”

Together, they really wanted a high-performance kitchen with a minimalistic look. In the end, INspiration’s design team delivered.


“Our Valdesign kitchen and the Miele appliances are the perfect things to spend our money on. (We) realize it is a lot, but the result outweighs the cost. (We) have cooked vegan meals in the oven and on the induction cooktop; even made rice in the Miele oven,” the Smiths shared.

“The taste is far superior to any other method of cooking. Food simply tastes better coming out of a product like this,” they said. “The time saved in preparing our own meals is quick and easy and fast, and delicious!”

“We have yet to try baking bread or making toast. (We) made (our) own raspberry jam with finely chopped dates and a box of raspberries. It was delicious. Even our refrigerator is just right for us. We found some containers that fit in the door for juices. We are not big on drinking much else. This design is truly for our health. The dishes are silently cleaning in the Miele dishwasher, and the Rohl sink is super quiet.


“Thank you to INspiration and the staff from Valdesign. This is a wonderful kitchen. It feels bigger than before and it is beautiful to look at and wonderful to be in. It’s a joy to cook,” said the Smiths.

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