Kai Ridge Hawaii is a locally owned, and fully licensed general contractor. The company has qualified and experienced project managers, as well as a skilled team, working with its clients. Kai Ridge also offers construction expertise along with design ideas.

Kai Ridge would like to share its story of a young couple in the Kaimuki neighborhood. Because of extended family, they wanted to build another house on an existing lot. Within the limited space, Kai Ridge had to design the entire house smartly in order to utilize the space efficiently. An in-house architect worked with them to customize the design of their floor plan, as well as the landscaping. “This young couple has no experience with new build, we helped them from design, permitting, planning, constructing, and all the way to the finished home,” said project manager and contractor, Derrick. “We were involved with our client at the early stages of the process, so we understood the client’s needs and recommended what the best fit would be for them, then gave them the accurate cost estimation.”

The company also brought its client to the model home built nearby their house around the Kaimuki neighborhood, so they could visualize what they were building. The client was very happy that Kai Ridge helped them from beginning to end, with every little detail. Most importantly, Kai Ridge had helped them in a timely manner, and also finished the project timely.


Kai Ridge’s first commitment is to quality. It is an easy word to use in promotion, but it takes honest, conscientious effort to maintain quality in any Hawaii construction project. Second, is commitment to cost savings. This means its management and purchasing departments put extra effort into buying quality and cost-saving materials to be budget savvy. Third, is to excellent service. This translates into working closely with its clients and maintaining adequate communication. Kai Ridge is a 100 percent bonded construction company. The company is also taking the “ultra energy efficient home” concept into design. Kai Ridge is inspired to build “green,” rather than be wasteful or environmentally harmful.

The company’s licensure and insurance protects you and your new home from unforeseen events. The company, and its trade subcontractors are all licensed as well. This protects the client, in the event of project-related bodily injury, accident, property damage, etc. Kai Ridge Hawaii carries the liability for this. Kai Ridge’s clients commented, “You’ll have no worries, and will be in safe hands.”

More than 50 percent of existing business is from repeat or referral clients. At Kai Ridge Hawaii Construction, it not only meets industry standards, but also it goes above and beyond to ensure projects reflect the company’s brand and culture.

Visit Kai Ridge’s website at kairidgehawaii.com.

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address // 1888 Kalakaua Ave., C312
web // kairidgehawaii.com