By Brandi-Ann Uyemura

While there are many window choices out there, Alii Extreme Windows by Windows Hawaii continues to be the windows customers ask for, and recommend to their friends. Here are five features of this high performance line that make it a fan favorite:

Reduces your energy costs

Alii Extreme Windows comes with an Infi nite Plus High Performance Glazing System, which consists of triple-layer silver glass coating, cam-style locks and a triple-fi n weather strip. Together they reduce thermal transfer and block 95 percent of harmful UV rays. This is great for hot Hawaii households and reduces both heating and cooling costs.

Keeps your home quiet


These windows come with a three-chamber silicon spacer that provides an airtight seal, which is great for keeping both heat and sound out. This means reduction in your typical outdoor soundtrack of traffi c, noisy neighbors and barking dogs.

Buys you peace of mind

Its metal reinforced locking system passed the California Forced Entry test, which measures a window’s ability to remain locked and closed despite extreme pressure.

Offers an aesthetic look inside and out

A streamline appearance and “Bettervue” screens means the windows are nice to look at and beautiful to look through. Its UPVC frames also prevent yellowing and cracking that occurs after repeated sun exposure.

Comes with a lifetime guarantee


Alii Extreme Windows’ residential homeowner warranty gives you a limited lifetime warranty that is transferable to future owners. The warranty also covers insulated glass unity and vinyl parts, and any accidental glass breakage.

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