Since ADU legislation was enacted last year allowing for the construction of accessory dwelling units on qualified residential property, Homeworks Construction has designed and built numerous ADUs for property owners throughout Oahu.

Homeworks president Jim Byxbee pointed out that the ADUs his company has undertaken, both completed and in progress, are filling a variety of needs for homeowners.

“Several of our clients are building ADUs with the prospect of renting them out for additional income,” Byxbee said. “They recognize the need for affordable rentals in the community, and particularly in areas that are convenient to the main commercial centers of Oahu. Living close to your workplace can be important for people on a tight budget … it saves both time and money. Other advantages are the reduction of commuter traffic and, of course, the tax revenue generated by rental income.


“Providing a desirable living space on the property for family members, other than in the main home, is another motivating factor in choosing to build an ADU. An ADU with all the amenities of any home, though on a smaller scale, can serve to house senior family members comfortably, while providing privacy; age-friendly features can be incorporated into an ADU as needed. Or, an ADU can be a housing solution for younger family members who may be saving up to buy their own home, or paying off debts.”

Byxbee noted that there are numerous options for the design and placement of an ADU on an existing property. Homeworks can provide guidelines for the parameters that must be observed to obtain a permit to build. The size of the property, the placement of the ADU with relation to the main house, the percentage of the property the ADU occupies, and parking availability are all taken into consideration.

“We are currently working with a client on an ADU that will be built over a structure that was previously a carport,” Byxbee said. “A new enclosed garage will replace the carport on the same footprint and the ADU will be constructed on top of the garage. This is a great solution since lot coverage is not affected.”

He also pointed out that an ADU can be as basic or elaborate as the client specifies, with sizes ranging from 200 to 800 square feet in both one and two story floor plans. “The best way to find out if your property qualifies for ADU construction is to meet with a Homeworks project coordinator at the job site or attend one of our free monthly seminars,” Byxbee added.


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