While I was watching a home renovation show with my mother-in-law, we were commenting on the things we liked and didn’t like. Our discussion soon revolved around bathroom vanities and how certain styles can date a space. There are seemingly endless options to bathroom vanities. If you are shopping for one, consider some of these things first:

Think about your options. There are pedestal sinks, cabinet styles, vanities with tops, vanities without tops, wall-mounted vanities, vanities with mirrors, double-sink vanities and single-sink, double-faucet vanities. Think about how you will use the vanity to help you narrow down your search. Also, consider things like whether your bathroom wall has strong beams behind it. If not, then a wall-mounted vanity may not even be an option for you. If you want a large sink without a top, think about where you will put common bathroom countertop items like hand soap.

• Size up your space.


While a double-sink vanity may be high on your wish list, if you don’t have the space, you shouldn’t force it. However, this does not mean that a pedestal sink is your only option, either. Sometimes, a slightly larger, cabinet-style vanity makes sense in a small space. It can store the essentials behind closed doors, taking the clutter out of your space and making it feel larger in the end.

A pedestal sink will take up less room, but won’t offer storage options. If you want storage, you’ll have to add it in other places, like a medicine cabinet, shelving, or storage baskets.

A console sink, which is a wall-mounted sink with two front legs, may be a good option if you are stuck between a pedestal sink and a traditional cabinet-style vanity. It often comes with options for shelving underneath and a towel bar attached.


Consider cost. The most common vanity style is cabinet, so these also tend to have the most options. If you want something affordable, opt for predesigned, stock styles rather than something custom or semi-custom.

Ask around. Talk to your friends and relatives about the types of vanities they have and what they like or don’t like about them. Talking to others was how I discovered the double-faucet vanity, which features two faucets and one large sink. This is perfect for spaces that are too small for a two-sink vanity. Just keep in mind that double-faucet vanities come with a large trough sink, leaving little counter space behind.

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