QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Recently, several friends incorporated ADA accessible accommodations into their home renovations and new construction. These friends are in their 50s and early 60s, healthy and mobile, with no health issues. I believe that when we put things into our consciousness, we give them power and energy to manifest into reality. What effect does including these changes, with the possibility of being incapacitated in the future, have in terms of feng shui?

Act on your own belief system

What a great question!


No hard and fast feng shui rule dictates what to do in the circumstances you relate. Ultimately, feng shui is about balance and flow, and flowing with what you believe is “good feng shui.” I’d like to address your question by first relating it to the concept of health insurance.

One of my friends in his 40s has never had health insurance, not because he can’t afford it, but because he strongly believes that if he takes care of his health he will never need to see a doctor. Others I know feel that if they get insurance, they will create the need for it. Some believe that our thoughts create our reality and there’s even some scientific proof of that. But not everyone can put into practice what they know, because our belief systems do not operate at the same level as what we know intellectually.

I have another client who believes so strongly that she will not become sick that she went for 12 years without health insurance and never needed it in that time. When she reached 65, Medicare became mandatory.


So, she has that insurance, but rarely has to use it, because her belief system is still that strong. In contrast, one of my friend’s top priorities when interviewing for a job is the level of health insurance provided. She cannot imagine living without the highest level of health insurance. In fact, without that insurance she would probably worry so much about not having insurance that she would likely create an ailment.

So, you are on track that when you put something into your consciousness, you give it power and energy to manifest into reality. In the cases I mentioned previously, when all is said and done, it is important to get health insurance and make other needed arrangements if your belief system is that you need to do so.

In answer to your question

The way I see it, is that in your friends’ case, the ADA accommodations are a form of “insurance,” because they believe they may become incapacitated in the future and they want to be ready for it. Given their belief system, their need for these accommodations is reasonable and in the flow. It gives them peace of mind, if there is a time that they should need it. Everyone’s journey is different, so by doing what will bring the greatest peace and sense of security to your life, will be the best rule of thumb to follow.


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