Like a trusted family doctor, Breathe Easy Homes Hawaii is dedicated to helping local families live healthier and happier indoors so they can “breathe easy” and experience clean indoor air.

Breathe Easy Homes Hawaii is poised to assist Hawaii’s residents in identifying both obvious and hidden indoor pollutants such as mold, dust mites and other allergens from the interior of their homes, finding both the sources and offering the solutions to provide a clean and healthy home environment. These issues can cause a wide variety of problems with the skin, asthma and other allergic reactions causing discomfort for its occupants. The company provides a unique approach to every situation combining both the latest indoor science “know how,” along with common sense solutions to meet its clients’ objectives.


Breathe Easy Homes Hawaii launched earlier this year as a new division of AirCare Hawaii, an indoor air quality services company that has assisted thousands of clients for almost three decades by focusing exclusively on specialized services that improve human health while fending off indoor pollutants.

As AirCare Hawaii focuses on commercial applications, Breathe Easy Homes Hawaii addresses the unique needs of the residential market, with specialized cleaning treatments geared toward reducing indoor allergens such as mold, dust, allergy and other asthma triggers.

Homeowners can call Breathe Easy Homes Hawaii to take care of a multitude of potential health risks, including testing for and preventing mold, limiting pollutants and off-setting the stifling Hawaii humidity. Healthy Home Specialist at Breathe Easy Homes Hawaii, Lindsay Princenthal, explained that these services are ideal for those suffering from allergies, as well as those facing decreased immune systems.


The Healthy Homes Specialist at Breathe Easy Homes Hawaii brings more than 25 years of experience to every project, offering environmental testing, air conditioning cleaning, mold remediation and even 24/7 emergency clean up services through AirCare’s Restoration Science division.

“When we are called in to do restoration or remediation work after floods, fires or other unhealthy events, we’re not just there ripping things out,” said Princenthal. “We approach each project with the specific objectives that our clients need and can afford. (We) keep families’ health and pocketbook in mind.” The company’s mission is always to be smart, precise and compassionate, which allows it to cut right to the chase and be much more efficient and cost-effective in just about any situation.

“We want people to feel that their home is a healthy and safe place to be, without reaching for their allergy medication or inhalers,” Princenthal explained. “And most times the problems are obvious issues such as dirty air conditioning ducts or some other source of allergens. Each client is unique and we take great pride in our process, as well as educating them as we allow families to take control of their indoor environment.”


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