By Scott Smith

KunkelWorks and fellow distributors from Australia and New Zealand were recently invited to tour two of the factories that produce our products. First stop was a manufacturing plant, where the extruded aluminum profiles are assembled into their final shapes as fences, gates, patio covers and carports. Different products took shape in different corners, animated by machines and human hands.

In the afternoon, we were expected at one of the factories that does the extruding, anodizing and coating. The sheer size of the factory was overwhelming. Equipped with headphones we heard the explanations of our factory guide Mr. Tajima, and watched how the process happens.


• Extrusion: Under intense heat and pressure, big billets of aluminum are pushed and pulled through “cookie-cutter-like” shapes, resulting in various profiles, 6 meters — 19.7 feet — in length. These profiles are completed with highly accurate dimensions and superior surface conditions.

• Anodizing and coating: Japanese technological standards make it possible to create any number of colors during the anodization process. Acrylic resin coating is further applied to the surface via electrodeposition to increase durability.

Nowhere else in the world has this technology been perfected to produce such superior quality products. Every part is meticulously tested and inspected for shape, surface, color and assembly. Now we know why our products from Japan have been so successful standing up to our salty air and high winds in Hawaii.


Recently, inferior products from China have been dumped into the Hawaiian market. It might look similar, but with no engineering these copycat products are a big risk. Only the genuine Japanese products have been tested in Hawaii, and can meet local permit requirements.

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