Hurricane season is upon us, and as we prepare for potential storms it’s important to remember the roof over our heads. A roof in good condition should withstand wind speeds of up to 110 miles per hour.

Just in time for storm season, RevoluSun Smart Home is pleased to announce its services will now include roofing.


“A good roof is critical to protecting your family,” said RevoluSun Smart Home Roofing Division Manager, Johnny Ayson. “Often, roof repairs and resurfacing are necessary before starting a PV project. Roof leaks, pooling water and wood rot are common problems. Our skilled team together holds 83 years in the industry. We have the expertise to ensure maximum efficiency, durability and performance for the modern roof.”

Is it time to reroof?

If you find pieces of your roof in the yard — or really anywhere that’s not on your roof where they’re supposed to be — call a roofer. Most Hawaii homes have asphalt shingle or a rolled asphalt covering. For these homeowners, loose granules in the gutter or on the ground are telltale signs that the asphalt is deteriorating. Call a roofer before your roof fails.

How long do roofs last?

On average, Hawaii homeowners replace their roofs every 18-22 years, so it’s smart to know your roof’s age. If you have asphalt shingles, check the pliability. Shingles in good condition will be flexible enough to bend and will easily lay flat again. Old shingles are brittle and will crack when you try to bend it.

Get a free assessment.


A RevoluSun Smart Home specialist can provide a free estimate for your roof in a few minutes. RevoluSun’s roof offerings include materials that can lower the internal temperature of your home and aid in water catchment. Roofing services can be combined with PV and other smart home improvements to provide a streamlined experience and cost savings.


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