Silicone Roof Coatings are the perfect roof material underneath your solar panels, whether they are new or existing.

Whether you have a totally flat roof that ponds water, or you have a sloping asphalt shingle roof, Silicone is right for your existing roof.

Why? When rain water ponds underneath a solar panel on a flat roof the shade of the panel keeps that water from ever really drying out. If you look underneath your solar panels you will probably see a lot of mildew growth there compared to the other areas of your roof that are exposed to the sun. That black mildew has special barbed roots that grow into your existing roof membrane to break down, bit by bit. This is nature’s purpose for mildew and mold — to break down and reclaim organic materials. Silicone roof coatings (like silicone caulkings) are very tough and slippery, so the roots will not penetrate it.


Even better, the sun will not slowly wear it down due to oxidation and chalkiness, it does not “sacrifice” or wash off over time, and it retains its initial thickness — unlike acrylic or urethane coatings that will chalk from the sun. Silicone is a remarkable material, and that’s why the Cool Roof Store (CRS) HD-50 Silicone brand will offer a 50-year Material Warranty if applied correctly.

Most sloped roofs, like the popular asphalt shingles, which are so prevalent in Hawaii, are also excellent candidates for a CRS silicone coated roof. When applied with the proper amount of waterproof primer and topcoat, a shingle roof will become completely seamless with no loose shingles to blow off — even in high winds. There is simply no open lap for the high winds to leverage up the old dried out shingles. By installing a low profile aluminum edge flashing along the entire perimeter of your roof, even your vulnerable first row of shingles will be protected from most high winds. This year is expected to be a big El NiƱo year in Hawaii, so it would be wise to begin before the hurricane season begins.

Bright White CRS Silicone will always be a good bet to cool down your home as well, making life so much more comfortable in the summer. Besides having a great UV reflectivity factor of 90 percent, it stays much cleaner than other roofs because dir t and mildew have a hard time sticking to the slippery roof surface. If you want to color your roof to blend into the neighborhood, that can be easily done, and is very attractive as well.

Whether you want to do it yourself, or hire a professional to install it, the Cool Roof Store at its new location on the corner of Keaumoku and South Beretania Street is your place with the answers to all your questions. Call or stop by to find out more.

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