Big Rock celebrates 35 years of fooling Pele, Mother Nature and pretty much all the humans, with its incredible replicas of Hawaiian stones the company has been meticulously crafting since 1983.

What started as an “idea” of the owners Brian Joy and Bonnie Cooper has become a full-fl edged global establishment providing cast stone to the construction, landscape, architectural and design industries, hotel chains, movie sets, shopping malls and thousands of homeowners’ properties.


It just goes to show how years of determination and hard work, with many long-standing loyal employees can result in a unique thriving business worthy of pride. The company’s many customers have appreciated the realistic quality of Big Rock’s cast stone veneer and landscaping items. If you did not already know it was a manufactured stone, you’d never guess.

Big Rock has always specialized in making only Hawaiian stone, such as its Lava, Moss Rock, Coral, Blue Rock or Ulupalakua Stone Veneers used to transform new or existing walls, and the endless variety of stone items Big Rock makes for the garden. Some of the ancient Hawaiian items Big Rock has replicated were loaned by museums, and others came from people who were kind enough to share their unique stone bowls and other treasured pieces collected over the years.

Big Rock is also open to suggestions if you have been searching for a particular something that you have been unable to find. If it’s feasible to make, the company might just do it for you! A visit to the showroom located in Mapunapuna is a good place to begin. Big Rock has become famous for the Moss Rock/Lava stepping stones it first created in 1984, which are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and strong enough for your driveway.


It’s summer, so why not take a trip to Big Rock and star t on your home improvements today. Anything is possible, as Brian Joy and Bonnie Cooper have proven by their long-standing success and remarkable products! It just takes determination, hard work and quality expertise.

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