According to the calendar, June 20 is the official start of summer, but for Hawaii homeowners the search for affordable home cooling is a year-round project. One technology that has been growing in popularity is the QuietCool whole house fan cooling system.

“My uncle always said that we have two seasons,” said Jon Nakamoto. “Summer, and almost summer.” Nakamoto should know, as his home in Pearl City is blessed with almost constant sunshine, which translates into a lot of hot days. Fortunately, he had a QuietCool system from Island Cooling installed several summers ago and has since been using it to cool his home almost daily.

When asked to describe how it works, he said, “It’s a two-fan system installed in the attic of the home with two ceiling grills, one in the hallway and a larger intake in the living room. A timer on the wall controls the hours of operation. The fans draw heat out of the living space, and blow trapped hot air out of the attic though the vents that are on the outside of the home.”


Nakamoto had praise for both QuietCool and Island Cooling. “One of my favorite things about the fan is how it circulates the air, keeping it fresh. Since my home is in a hot area, I use it every day, all day. I also consider Island Cooling’s service fantastic and would recommend them to anyone.”

Ron Evans of Ewa Beach shared his experience. His QuietCool was installed in the attic above his upstairs landing. Evans is confi dent that his investment has been worthwhile. “My home doesn’t have any natural breeze,” Evans said. “We open the back door of the home to channel the air up to the fan.” He continued, “I used to run my A/C 12 to 18 hours a day. I now go months without running it. People have to see it to believe it, but it’s the best money I’ve spent.”

Satisfied customers are quietly spreading the word to their family, neighbors and the public. Gary Nakamura of Waikele explained how his system is used. “I turn the fan on when I get home in the afternoon and the whole house gets noticeably cooler and breezier in a few short minutes. The weather has been rainy and humid lately, but it has been very comfortable in the house with QuietCool.”

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